Dad And Son Naked

08/01/2020  · Occassionally when I come out of the shower my 7 year old son may be in the bath room sometimes asking me a question, or just in general discussion. He has recently mentioned to my wife that he thinks a "hairy penus" is ucky! My wife is quite concerned that my son should not see his Dad naked.

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19/11/2014  · Not this dad. This dad asked for help from the global Reddit community, and he got it – by the bucket-load. Here’s what he posted on the Reddit forum: I’m 38, and a single dad to my 13 year old son, 14 in four months. The other day I asked my son if I could borrow his iPad and he gave it to me.

01/04/2018  · Hugh was home with his dad one day, and decided to take out his video camera and play a little prank.

while Dad was in the shower. There’s something about standing in a shower that makes you feel cut-off from the outside world, almost like you’re in a world of your own. Plus, the acoustics.